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Budget Friendly At Home Date Night Ideas

Happy weekend, my friends! I hope you all are having a great weekend. We have had such a relaxing weekend around these parts. We decided to plan a little date night since Isaac and I have both been so busy, but didn’t feel like getting all dressed up and going out. Naturally, we decided to have a date night here at home instead!

I love at home date nights.  I also love going out, but there’s no place like home. (No makeup, comfy pants, and snuggly puppies? Count me in!) A pillow and blanket fort set up in a living room with white Christmas lights.

We decided to put an air mattress in the living room and build a blanket fort so we could binge watch Game of Thrones. (Getting ready for the Season 7 finale!) Here are some of my favorite at-home date night ideas!

  1. Build a blanket fort
  2. Movie marathon
  3. Binge watch a show on Netflix
  4. Game night
  5. Play a drinking game with a movie (The Fast and Furious movies are great for this!)
  6. Dance party
  7. Find a new recipe to make together
  8. Make a pizza from scratch
  9. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered
  10. Play video games together
  11. Beer or wine tasting
  12. Make bread from scratch
  13. At home spa night
  14. Show each other your favorite YouTube videos
  15. Do something the other likes to do

All of these ideas are very budget friendly and are things we love to do when we are having a date a home. Isaac and I have so much fun together and we are constantly laughing.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you do it together. Show the other person how much you love them, and it’ll be a great date no matter where you are!A young man and woman sitting in a pillow and blanket fort with white Christmas lights while holding two dogs.Two black and brown dogs sitting on an air mattress in a pillow and blanket fort with white Christmas lights.

A young man with his arm around a young woman, both smiling and sitting on an air mattress in a pillow and blanket fort with white Christmas lights.

What are your favorite at home dates? Do you and your honey have a favorite game to play or movie to watch when you’re having a night in? Let me know in the comments!

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