To Meat or Not To Meat?

Hello and welcome back! I hope you all have had a productive first week of this new year! I know I have. Side note – have you guys seen the weather lately?! This has been very unusual for Florida. The low is 21 degrees tonight. There was even snow yesterday in parts of Florida. It’s crazy. We even had to wait for our windshield to defrost before going to work today. (I honestly don’t know the last time I had to do that!) I am loving this weather while it lasts.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few thoughts about food today. Isaac and I have had much discussion about cutting back on eating meat, so we have started trying to eat meat only once a week. I really want to be more conscious of the food we eat and products we use. Continue reading “To Meat or Not To Meat?”

The BEST Dairy-Free Smoothie Recipe

Hello and happy Thursday! I hope you all are safe and having a great week.  This week has been b-a-n-a-n-a-s with Hurricane Irma approaching Florida. Speaking of bananas, I wanted to share my smoothie recipe with you! This recipe is vegan friendly and completely dairy free.

I’ve been trying to cut back on consuming dairy as much as possible recently, so I’ve cut out milk, coffee creamer, and yogurt. I didn’t know it was possible to make a delicious and creamy smoothie without yogurt or milk, but trust me when I say that it is very possible and you will not be disappointed!

Continue reading “The BEST Dairy-Free Smoothie Recipe”