What Sparks Joy in You?

Hello and welcome back! Who here has watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? I saw so many people talking about it on social media and decided to watch an episode it this past weekend. Well, that episode turned into me watching a few episodes because I was so fascinated. This new Netflix show has gone viral and so many people are talking about the Konmari method. In case you haven’t watched the show or read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Marie is a Japanese organizing consultant whose methods have become increasingly popular. She is so sweet, bubbly, and fun to watch. She helps people declutter and organize both their homes and their lives. Fun fact about me: I love cleaning! Even weirder fact: I also love watching other people clean. Have you ever been doing something and thought to yourself, “I really need to be doing laundry or cleaning my house right now instead of this.”? It happens to all of us, especially me. While I do enjoy the final product of cleaning, I can sometimes lack the motivation to actually start. I have personally found that watching YouTube videos of people “speed cleaning” their houses really motivates me to get up and tidy up. So naturally, when I watched this show, it really motivated me to start a super early spring clean. Marie’s methods include piling all of the clothes you own and sorting through it all, one by one and deciding if the item sparks joy in you. The items that you decide to keep you fold neatly and put away and the ones you decide to say goodbye to, you thank for its service. I really like how Marie emphasizes the importance of thanking the items that we end up getting rid of. I love that idea of being grateful for something even though we recognize that we don’t want/need it any longer. I think that Marie’s methods of folding are genius. She teaches us to fold things into rectangles that are the same size and to place them in our drawers in a way that we can see everything that we have. By the end of the weekend, I had gone through all of both Isaac and my clothes and folded them and placed them neatly in our drawers. We donated the items we didn’t use or didn’t bring us joy. So far, we’ve been able to maintain the tidiness we have created and to appreciate the items we have even more than before. Have any of you watched the show or read the book? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thoughts on the New Year

Hello and welcome back! Happy New Year! I took a really long break from the blog last year because I wanted to be more present. This is something that I am wanting to continue on into this year. In today’s age of smart phones and social media, it is so easy to get sucked into spending ridiculous amounts of time scrolling on Facebook or your Instagram feed while sitting next to loved ones instead of actually looking at them and talking to them. Ever since my phone started telling me every week how many hours I spent on average looking at my phone, I have really tried to cut that down and to be present. I recently found out that on my iPhone I could enable time limits on certain apps and I can enable downtime, so that from certain times you can’t access certain apps and won’t get notifications. I enabled downtime on my phone from 9PM-7AM. I love this so much. Now I don’t get up first thing in the morning and sit in bed for 10 minutes looking through social media. Now I actually pay attention when I say good morning and good night to Isaac and our pups instead of saying it distractedly. I only allow myself 2 hours a day on social media and then my phone tells me that my time is up. In addition to being more present and unplugging from technology, I’m challenging myself to be more aware of my body. For a few years now, I have really tried to be aware of the foods that we eat and to reduce how often we go out. We noticed that by cutting out the extra trips through the drive thru during the week, sitting down and planning out our meals for the week, and sticking to a schedule when it comes to grocery shopping, we saved money, spent more time together, and even lost a little weight. Getting up and out of the house to take the dogs for a long walk is great because we are able to talk without the distraction of our phones and we are doing something that gets the blood flowing. What are your thoughts on “unplugging” and being present? What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your loved ones? Let me know in the comments! 

Wedding Wednesday: Things to Know Before Going to a Bridal Expo

Hello and welcome back! Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to start a Wedding Wednesday series here on the blog. In case you missed my last post, Isaac and I are engaged! We are very early on in the process and aren’t really rushing to plan everything out quite yet. Just for funzies a couple of weekends ago, I went to a bridal expo with a few friends. While it was an interesting and overwhelming experience, I had a lot of fun! Today I wanted to share some of the things I wish I had known before going to the expo.

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We’re Engaged!

Yep! You read that title right! AHH! Today I’m sharing the biggest news I’ve had in a while!

Two weeks ago today, my best friend in the entire world asked me a super important question. In a matter of a moment, my boyfriend became my fiancé. (I get butterflies every time I think about it and I get super emotional!) For the first time in my life, I was speechless and through my tears I managed to quickly nod and after a few more tears and a huge hug, I managed to say, “Of course I will!”

Isaac proposed in such an intimate and personal way that meant so much to me. The moment was OUR moment and it couldn’t have been more “us.” Isaac is the funniest person I know and makes me laugh harder than anyone. He is my very best friend and knows me better than I know myself. I have loved him from the very start and have never doubted that he is the one for me.

I can’t wait to document and share this process and also be able to reflect on things I’m feeling now once we get in the thick of the planning and eventually married. (It still sounds so weird).  It’s so crazy how one second you are having a completely normal day and then all of the sudden you know that you are going to remember this day for the rest of your life. Continue reading “We’re Engaged!”

Rental Upgrade Series: Bathroom Makeover

Hello and welcome back! Today I wanted to share another part of my rental upgrade series that I started last weekend. You can read last Sunday’s post here. As you guys know, we moved from an apartment into a house and we’re still renters. We have been doing little projects here and there to make this house feel more like our own. Today we are talking about one of the most important rooms in the house: The bathroom.  Continue reading “Rental Upgrade Series: Bathroom Makeover”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hello and happy Friday! Fun fact: My blog turns a year old today! While I haven’t been as consistent as I would have hoped these past few months, I’m determined to get back on track. I wanted to say thanks to all my friends/family/followers who have shown me kindness and support! I truly love blogging. You can read my very first post here.

Today I wanted to do something a little more fun and personal. Today I’m sharing 10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

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Rental Upgrade Series: Budget Backsplash

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I wanted to introduce a new little series on the blog. As you may already know from one of my more recent posts, Isaac and I moved into a cute little house! We’ve both lived in apartments for a long time, so we are super excited to be on our own in our own little place. We have been doing little things here and there over the past few months to make our little rental house feel more like our own home. One of my more recent projects has been the addition of a REMOVABLE backsplash in the kitchen. Wait, what? It’s rental friendly? Yes, you heard right!

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Mid Year Resolutions

Hello and welcome back! Excuse me while I blow the dust off of my laptop. It’s been a while. Holy moly! Does anyone else feel like they blinked and then suddenly the year is half over? I do. I cannot believe it’s the first day of June. I love the first day of a new month. There’s something about it that motivates me and excites me about flipping the page in my calendar. There’s so much promise and potential that lies ahead. That’s how I felt on January 1st of this year and I feel it right now on June 1st.

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We Moved!

Hello and welcome back, my friends! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve missed you guys. Today I wanted to hop on here and give you a little life update. We decided that we didn’t want to live in an apartment anymore, so we decided to move into a house. We’re still renters in the same area, but now we have a backyard and don’t share walls with people! (Yay!)

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Valentine’s Day

Hello and welcome back! Happy Valentine’s Days, my loves! I hope you all have had a day filled with lots of love. Valentine’s Day is one of those silly holidays that always makes me smile. We normally go out to dinner, but this year decided to celebrate the weekend before with a little hike. The weather has started warming back up here in Florida. The high was actually 80 today. It made me laugh this weekend thinking about how people are still in long sleeves up north and here I am turning on our air conditioner and wearing shorts.

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