DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Hello and welcome back! The weather is finally starting to get nice here in Florida. (Yay!)

Halloween is just around the corner, so today I’m back with another Halloween costume DIY. I’ve been trying to think of cute couples costume ideas that aren’t too overdone and are also super budget friendly. Instead of buying all new stuff, we looked around the house at what we already had to see what we could make. We decided to be a cop and a donut! These costumes are so easy and budget friendly.

“I need you like a cop needs donuts!”

Here’s what you will need for this DIY:

For the Cop costume:

  • Navy blue button down shirt
  • Cop Hat
  • Badge, gun, and walkie talkie (I got these in a set at Dollar Tree)
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Black tie
  • Tape
  • spray paint
  • plastic bag

The cop costume is so simple. Isaac had most of everything already.

DIY Couples Costume

All I had to do was spray paint the badge on the hat and the badge for the shirt to be the same color. I had silver spray paint laying around, so I wrapped the hat in a plastic bag and put painter’s tape around the badge, making sure the hat was completely covered.

After the hat and badge are completely dry, you can tape the little walkie talkie to the shoulder of the shirt, and you’re good to go!

DIY Cop Costume

For the donut costume:

  • Cardboard or foam board
  • Xacto knife or scissors
  • Tan felt
  • Cotton Batting
  • Different brightly colored felt (for the sprinkles)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Sharpie
  • Big round object to trace for the donut
  • Small round object to trace for donut hole

The first thing I did was use trace this big basket on the foam board. I knew I would be covering the board, so the circle didn’t have to have perfect edges.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

I couldn’t find my xacto knife, so I decided to use some scissors to cut out my “donut.” I traced a small bowl in the center of the circle for the donut hole. I used the scissors to cut out the hole.

DIY Halloween Costume

I used some leftover cotton batting from another project to cover the donut. I used hot glue to secure it on the other side.

DIY Donut Costume

Next I covered the board in the tan felt so it would look like a donut.

Easy Donut Costume DIY

To create the “frosting” on the donut, I used pink felt and drew out the squiggly lines with a marker.

DIY Halloween Costume

After I cut the design out of the pink felt, I hot glued it to the tan felt.

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

After the pink felt has been glued down, it should look something like this:

DIY Donut Costume

Next I added the sprinkles by cutting out small rectangular strips of felt in different bright colors and hot gluing them to the pink felt.

Easy Donut Costume

You can add a strap to go around your neck with a piece of ribbon, but I decided to just hold it.

Cute Halloween CostumesDonut Halloween Costume DIY

We are so excited to wear these costumes this year!

Cute Couples Costume Ideas DIY Cop CostumeEasy Cute Halloween Costume Ideas Cute Couples Costume Ideas

What are your favorite couples costume ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think the couple’s costume idea of a cop & a doughnut is clever! And very cute! In general, one thing I like about your blog is that you explain very clearly how to do things. I like that you show a photo of each step, including a photo of all the supplies that will be needed & a statement about where you bought the ones you didn’t already have. Jackie

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