Mid Year Resolutions

Hello and welcome back! Excuse me while I blow the dust off of my laptop. It’s been a while. Holy moly! Does anyone else feel like they blinked and then suddenly the year is half over? I do. I cannot believe it’s the first day of June. I love the first day of a new month. There’s something about it that motivates me and excites me about flipping the page in my calendar. There’s so much promise and potential that lies ahead. That’s how I felt on January 1st of this year and I feel it right now on June 1st.

Today I wanted to pop in and share with you that I need to hit the reset button. So what better way than to talk about some Old Year’s resolutions? Whip out your New Year’s party hats and decorations for the second time this year and let’s talk about our goals! I’m excited for the second half of this year and I am determined to push myself to make the most of the six months that lie ahead of us. I’m going to push myself to stop thinking of all of the excuses for why I can’t do things and to think of the reasons why I SHOULD do them and why I CAN.

I encourage you to find something or someone to help motivate you to follow through with your goals. Isaac and I like to help hold each other accountable and he calls it “accountabili-buddies.” Let’s all be accountibili-buddies and motivate and hold each other accountable for the things that are important to us.

What are your goals for the second half of this year? Let me know in the comments!

2 Replies to “Mid Year Resolutions”

  1. Perfect time to hit the reset button because we have 7 good months left!
    I’m taking you up on the a countabiliti-buddies idea.
    I intend to write one page minimum in my journal first thing in the morning after my walk. I have been missing that. It’s time to reset!

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