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New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Hello and Happy New Year! 2018 is officially upon us. I have very high hopes for this year. I’ve had the best weekend planning and getting organized. Isaac and I participate in New Year’s “Resolutions,” but we have sort of a different approach.


New Year’s Resolutions are all about self-improvement, so I don’t think we should limit ourselves to making goals and wanting to better ourselves only at the beginning of the year. Last year, Isaac and I really wanted our focus to be on saving money, cooking at home more, and eating out less. Instead of looking at this challenge as a resolution, we looked at it as a lifestyle change.

Achieving goals and self improvement is not a destination – it’s a journey! One of my sweet friends who is vegan was recently telling me how she sustains that lifestyle change. She told me to think about the “why” and to put that reason above all other things when faced with temptations. That advice has really resounded with me. It can really be applied to anything. Want to save money for a vacation? When you get invited out to the movies with friends, think about why you should stay home and maybe suggest having movie night at your place instead of spending money on movie tickets.

Having support is really important when trying to make lifestyle changes. Isaac and I agreed to hold each other accountable whenever we are feeling tempted to stray away from our goals.

The best and biggest lifestyle change we made was focusing on what we ate last year. Our main focus was to save money by cooking at home and eating in. Making lunch rather than going out with coworkers. It was really hard the first few weeks. But once we made a habit out of it, we were able to continue to succeed. We even have fun cooking and trying different recipes.

This year I want to read more books, focus on my health, and to be more present. In case you missed yesterday’s blog, I talked about how I get organized for the new year. I talked about getting organized and our take on New Year’s Resolutions here on my YouTube channel. I’m super excited for all the new adventures this year will bring.

What helps you stay focused on your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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