Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Hello and welcome back! I hope you are having the best weekend.

We were driving the other day and saw the cutest pumpkin patch at a local church. We immediately pulled over so we could take a look around. I’ve been wanting some real pumpkins recently for decor, so I knew this would be the perfect stop.

The church did an amazing job with their display. They had a ton of activities and there were children running around everywhere having a great time. All the proceeds from this pumpkin patch went to children in need in Guatemala, which made us being there feel that much more special. We were surrounded by pumpkins of all sizes and homemade pumpkin bread. There was a beautiful atmosphere of kind strangers laughing and talking.

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Affordable Sweater Haul

Hello and welcome back! I hope you all are enjoying your week.

Who is ready for sweater weather? I am! Well, it probably is sweater weather for many of you already, but here in Florida it feels like it will be summer forever. It is still nice enough to go to the pool. Isn’t that crazy? We’re almost halfway through October and we can still wear shorts and tank tops.

Despite the heat, I decided to start stocking up on sweaters for when the weather finally gets nice. I’ve been searching online for some good deals recently and I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you!

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