What Sparks Joy in You?

Hello and welcome back! Who here has watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? I saw so many people talking about it on social media and decided to watch an episode it this past weekend. Well, that episode turned into me watching a few episodes because I was so fascinated. This new Netflix show has gone viral and so many people are talking about the Konmari method. In case you haven’t watched the show or read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Marie is a Japanese organizing consultant whose methods have become increasingly popular. She is so sweet, bubbly, and fun to watch. She helps people declutter and organize both their homes and their lives. Fun fact about me: I love cleaning! Even weirder fact: I also love watching other people clean. Have you ever been doing something and thought to yourself, “I really need to be doing laundry or cleaning my house right now instead of this.”? It happens to all of us, especially me. While I do enjoy the final product of cleaning, I can sometimes lack the motivation to actually start. I have personally found that watching YouTube videos of people “speed cleaning” their houses really motivates me to get up and tidy up. So naturally, when I watched this show, it really motivated me to start a super early spring clean. Marie’s methods include piling all of the clothes you own and sorting through it all, one by one and deciding if the item sparks joy in you. The items that you decide to keep you fold neatly and put away and the ones you decide to say goodbye to, you thank for its service. I really like how Marie emphasizes the importance of thanking the items that we end up getting rid of. I love that idea of being grateful for something even though we recognize that we don’t want/need it any longer. I think that Marie’s methods of folding are genius. She teaches us to fold things into rectangles that are the same size and to place them in our drawers in a way that we can see everything that we have. By the end of the weekend, I had gone through all of both Isaac and my clothes and folded them and placed them neatly in our drawers. We donated the items we didn’t use or didn’t bring us joy. So far, we’ve been able to maintain the tidiness we have created and to appreciate the items we have even more than before. Have any of you watched the show or read the book? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!