Wedding Wednesday: Things to Know Before Going to a Bridal Expo

Hello and welcome back! Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to start a Wedding Wednesday series here on the blog. In case you missed my last post, Isaac and I are engaged! We are very early on in the process and aren’t really rushing to plan everything out quite yet. Just for funzies a couple of weekends ago, I went to a bridal expo with a few friends. While it was an interesting and overwhelming experience, I had a lot of fun! Today I wanted to share some of the things I wish I had known before going to the expo.

  1. Make a separate wedding email!!! I wish I had done this before going to the expo. I’m sure plenty of you are like me, who get enough emails every day. I’m planning on using our wedding email so that once we are married, I won’t still be getting random wedding emails that are no longer relevant in my regular inbox.
  2. Get labels made with your contact information on them. You can either print them out if you feel fancy or write them down on plain sticker labels. If you are going to the expo with the intention of seriously looking for vendors (I wasn’t), I highly recommend getting some labels made in advance with your information on it. Labels make it super easy to just slap it on their sheet and go. So many brides and their families go to expos and a lot of the vendors’ tables are jam packed with people, so this minimizes the time spent writing down your info.
  3. Don’t give your information to a vendor you aren’t really interested in. I am guilty of this. I spent the weekend after the expo unsubscribing to emails for stuff I really wasn’t interested in.
  4. Have a general idea of when/where you are getting married. The first question after people find out you are engaged is: “When’s your date?!”
  5. Wear comfy shoes! You’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing, so make sure you are as comfy as possible.
  6. Most importantly: Have fun! My friends and I had so much fun walking around and getting free food and attention. Haha!

This is such a fun and exciting time and I can’t wait to share more with you guys. I may even have some wedding DIYs planned for the very near future! Thanks for stopping by!! Until next time…

2 Replies to “Wedding Wednesday: Things to Know Before Going to a Bridal Expo”

  1. Answer to the t-shirt question:
    Emphatically yes!

    Such practical tips. I think the separate email one is the best. There’s nothing worse than having your basic everyday email board packed with things you MIGHT want to evaluate to have to ignore so that you can get on with your day.

  2. Hi Paula, this was terrific advice! And well written. I am enjoying vicariously going through this process with you. Jackie

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